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Embedded Projects

Embedded projects-Innowitech Embedded Projects
Bangalore INDIA

Innowitech Solutions bangalore offers Embedded projects guidance. It offers Embedded projects using VHDL, Verilog, C for FPGA/Microcontroller/DSP in Bangalore, INDIA.

Innowitech Solutions bangalore offers embedded projects using Microcontroller (8051,LPC2148). The microcontroller projects for various monitor and control applications including robotics, ARM, LPC etc. in Bangalore, INDIA.

Following are the list of microcontroller projects offered by Innowitech Bangalore:

  • Microcontroller based Robot with data logging capability
  • IoT (Internet of Things) Wireless protocols based Projects
  • Zigbee based projects
  • GSM, GPRS standard based projects
  • Solar cell based projects
  • LiFi based projects

Embedded Projects | Microcontroller Projects

Following table mentions list of embedded projects based on microcontroller programming.

  • WSN node using zigbee for Cold Chain Logistics System
  • Vehicle tracking using Zigbee
  • Android Controlled Robotic Clinometer
  • Automated Signal Jump Alerting And Logging System
  • Automated Headlight Intensity Control and Voice Response Obstacle Alerting System
  • Automatic Speed Control and Accident Avoidance Of vehicle using Multi Sensors
  • Density Based Auto Traffic Signal Control with Android Based Remote Override
  • Enhanced Fingerprint Based Electronic Voting Machine
  • Flood Detection using Sensors and Notification Via SMS
  • Microcontroller Project 10,Emotion Detection using Sensors
  • PIR based Smart Street Light Control and Solar Panel Movement
  • Visual Inspection and Crack Detection of Railroad Tracks
  • Voice Control Based Wireless Home Automation System

Other Embedded Projects | Microcontroller Projects

Once you choose the right microcontroller project as per your need, Write to us at for commercial aspects and duration of the project.

Innowitech Solutions have experts in microcontroller domain and hence we can take up Microcontroller projects in other domain areas also after analyzing the requirements. So write to us with your specific need at Innowitech Solutions offer embedded projects in Bangalore at their facility located in RT Nagar.