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Microcontroller Course

Job Oriented Microcontroller Course-Innowitech Microcontroller Course Bangalore

This page on Microcontroller course covers Microcontroller training offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. The page mentions training topics covered in the Microcontroller course. LPC2148 board has been used during training. This job oriented microcontroller course is very useful to secure job in embedded domain.

Microcontroller Course Curriculum

  • What is a Microcontroller?
  • Micro controller versus Microprocessor
  • Types of microcontrollers
  • Popular microcontrollers
  • Features of 8051 CPU core and pin descriptions
  • Interfacing of program memory
  • Interfacing of data memory
  • Intel 8051 core architecture block diagram
  • 8051 Instruction Set
  • Instruction Mnemonics with description
  • Ports, Interrupts and Timers
  • Reading the port and Writing to the port
  • Interrupt and Interrupt registers
  • Timers/Counters
  • Serial Port Communication
  • C51 compiler Introduction
  • Memory model types
  • C51 Language Extensions
  • Microcontroller based Board Design
  • Lab practice with microcontroller programming using Philips
    1. P89V51RD2 Flash microcontroller kit
  • We also teach Advanced Embedded Concepts in Microcontroller based on interest of candidates