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Job Oriented Courses Bangalore MATLAB,VLSI,Embedded course

This page provides list of wireless and embedded courses offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. Embedded courses include Microcontroller course,VHDL course,Verilog course. Training is provided using microcontroller and FPGA kits.

Innowitech is one of the top in Bangalore for providing quality training in embedded domain. Today Bangalore is home to most well recognized colleges, research institutes in INDIA. Numerous software technology companies, public sector undertakings, wireless, telecom, aerospace and defense organizations are located in the bangalore city. These are job oriented courses which help to secure job easily.


Innowitech offers MATLAB basic +Advanced course with emphasis on DSP fundamentals. One will learn in depth fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Concepts with hands on experience in MATLAB.

FPGA Programming based VLSI Course

Following VLSI courses are offered by Innowitech:

  • Basic course in VHDL or Verilog
  • Advanced course in VHDL or Verilog

At the end of course one will get familiar with FPGA programming using VHDL or Verilog. One will become familiar with offline simulation tools such as MODEL SIM and XILINX ISE.

Embedded Courses

Following are embedded courses offered by Innowitech Bangalore:

  • RTOS based Embedded Systems Course for 2 days on Cortex M0 Platorm
  • Advance Embedded Systems Course For 3 days on Cortex M0 Platorm
  • LPC2148 board based microcontroller training course

Innowitech Solutions bangalore offers MATLAB course,VLSI course and embedded course useful for job seekers and college students to gain more knowledge on the subject. It offers DSP, VHDL, Verilog, ARM and microcontroller based courses in Bangalore.

Job Oriented Courses


Online FPGA

Microcontroller Course

Online Labview

VLSI Course

TCL & Python

Beagle Bone

Wireless Training