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Job Oriented MATLAB Course | Innowitech MATLAB Course in Bangalore

This page on MATLAB course covers MATLAB training offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. The page mentions training topics covered in the MATLAB course. This job oriented MATLAB course helps to get job easily.

Following section mentions course contents taught by experienced faculties at Innowitech Bangalore as part of MATLAB Training.

MATLAB Course Curriculum

  • MATLAB Introduction
    1. Benefits of MATLAB *Applications of MATLAB
  • MATLAB Work environment
    1. MATLAB tool basics
    2. Creating and working with arrays, vectors, matrices
    3. Creating simple 2D plots
    4. Creating, saving and executing a script file
    5. Creating and executing a function file
  • Matrices and vectors
    1. Creating matrices and vectors
    2. Indexing matrices
    3. Initializing and reshaping
    4. Manipulating matrices
    5. Arithmetic Operators
    6. Relational Operators
    7. Logical Operators
    8. Built-in-functions
  • Saving and loading data
  • Loops, branches and control flow in MATLAB
    1. While loop
    2. If-elseif-else statement
    3. for loop
  • Input and Output in MATLAB
  • Structure/cell in MATLAB
    1. Creating/Manipulating structures
    2. Creating/Manipulating cells
  • Example of large MATLAB program using multiple m files
  • MATLAB Programs
    1. Correlation and convolution
    2. IFFT and FFT concepts
    3. 16 point DFT implementation
    4. Low pass FIR filter
    5. Convolutional encoder and Viterbi decoder
  • We also teach Advanced MATLAB Concepts in DSP based on interest of candidates