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Wireless Training

Job Oriented Wireless Course | Job Oriented Wireless Training Bangalore

This page Job Oriented Wireless course offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. The page mentions training topics covered in the Job Oriented Wireless course. This job oriented Wireless Training helps to get job easily in wireless domain.

Following section mentions Wireless course contents taught by experienced faculties at Innowitech Bangalore as part of Wireless Training.

Job Oriented Wireless Course Curriculum

Following table mentions topics covered in this wireless course.

Topic Description
Technology WLAN OR WiMAX OR Zigbee OR GSM OR LTE
*check the details below
Language C/MATLAB/Labview
Projects 1. Physical Layer Development
2. Test and Measurement Application Development
3. RF and PHY Testing and Troubleshooting

WLAN Training

  • IEEE 802.11a, 11b, 11g, 11n features
  • WLAN terms and concepts
  • Channels used in WLAN
  • Physical Layer variants
  • MAC Layer messages
  • Security concerns in WLAN
  • Advanced WLAN standards 802.11ac, 802.11ad
  • Project: IEEE 802.11a OFDM Implementation

WiMAX Training

  • Fixed WiMAX Introduction
  • Fixed WiMAX architecture
  • Fixed WiMAX Air Interface
  • OFDM Symbol parameters
  • TDD Frame Structure
  • PHY layer Transmitter modules
  • PHY layer Receiver modules
  • Message flow between BS & SS prior to connection establishment
  • Service provider set up configuration
  • Compliance requirement
  • Mobile WiMAX OFDMA Physical layer
  • Latest development in WiMAX
  • Project: OFDM Physical layer implementation as per IEEE 802.16-2004

Zigbee Training

  • Introduction to zigbee, frequency bands and applications
  • Zigbee mesh network
  • Zigbee Protocol Stack
  • Zigbee Physical Layer
  • Zigbee frame format
  • Zigbee MAC layer messages
  • Conformance testing of zigbee devices
  • Zigbee AODV protocol stack
  • Zigbee 3.0 features and enhancements

GSM Training

  • GSM system features
  • GSM network architecture
  • GSM Frame Structure
  • GSM channel types and burst types
  • GSM Physical layer for different channels
  • GSM Protocol stack
  • GSM speech processing through PHY
  • GSM ARFCN and frequency
  • GSM Security concepts
  • GSM Network Entry procedure
  • GSM Mobile Phone internal basics
  • Advanced GSM concepts

LTE Training

  • LTE System features
  • LTE network architecture
  • LTE terminologies
  • LTE Frame structures-TDD and FDD
  • LTE channel types and their functions
  • LTE Physical layer
  • LTE protocol stack
  • Voice over LTE concepts
  • LTE UE cell search procedure
  • LTE frequency bands vs EARFCN

Benefits of Job Oriented Wireless Training at Innowitech

Following are the benefits of job oriented wireless training:

  • We match training with the latest job openings across the industries
  • We possess the expertise and experience to deliver the excelled training
  • We help in building the resume/CV with the projects as per ongoing work in the industry
  • We cover technology as well as language based 2-3 projects as per the choice and interest of the candidates
  • We impart quality based training to very few people in order to concentrate on each individuals during coarse of study
  • This job oriented wireless course is tailored to meet the demands across the industry and hence will match demand with the trained candidates from Innowitech solutions
  • We will issue certificate of participation which will help candidates in their job search in relevant discipline