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Placement Test

C Problem Statements

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Category: Subjective Questions

1. Problem Statement: Find a bit sequence in a number


1)Given an Input number N which is of type Int.


               1)if a particular sequence (“1001”) is present yes or no

2)If present how many times


For example

  1. a) Int a= 14,999;

Its binary value is

11 1010 1001 0111

Output :

1)Sequence is present

2)Number of times= 1


  1. b) Int b= 921


1)sequence is present

2) Number of times= 1


c)int c= 875


1)sequence is absent

2)no of times =0

Note: if its 1001001 this is an overlapping sequence then there are 2 sequences if you consider overlapping if not it’s just one. Consider overlapping if possible


Write a C code or a C function and send it along with at least 10 different test cases.




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Category: Subjective Questions

2. A pointer variable can take different addresses ?

The average score is 65%