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Online FPGA

Job Oriented FPGA Training Bangalore

As we know Bangalore is well-known as silicon valley of India due to its position as leading IT exporter. Today Bangalore is home to most well recognized colleges, research institutes in INDIA. Numerous software technology companies, public sector undertakings, wireless, telecom, aerospace and defense organizations are located in the bangalore city.

This page provides list of online FPGA training offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. This training will help VLSI professionals across the industry and VLSI engineering graduates learn basic and advanced concepts of FPGA, VHDL and Verilog programming. Our online FPGA Training includes online verilog training and online vhdl training courses. The online training is covered using advanced sophisticated softwares such as team viewer and skype. The training includes hands on session using FPGA kit as well as vhdl and verilog softwares such as Model SIM and Xilinx ISE. Functionality verfication training is covered using Model SIM and advanced synthesis concepts have been taught using Xilinx ISE. Innowitech is one of the top training institute in the world for providing quality online FPGA training in VLSI domain. This job oriented FPGA course helps to get job in embedded domain.

The basic course will cover basic FPGA, simulation and synthesis concepts. The advanced course will provide in depth knowledge of optimization for speed, area and power. It also provides training to debug using chip scope. Innowitech also offers online FPGA project guidance using VHDL/Verilog programming for VLSI graduate and post graduate students persuing their bachelors, masters or PhD. We also offer other online training which includes online MATLAB training and wireless training. We undertake online matlab project guidance.

Online VHDL Training course

The online VHDL training course covers basic concepts of digital logic, FPGA architecture, VHDL programming language, use of FPGA kit to port the program. All the VHDL programs will be shown using Model SIM for understanding of the participants. Basic conncepts of sythesis will be explained with the help of example. The online VHDL training includes training using FPGA kit along with live project in wireless DSP domain.

Online FPGA Project Guidance

As mentioned we offer online project guidance for students in VLSI domain. List of VLSI projects we have guided include UART design, FFT IP Core Design,convolution Encoder viterbi Decoder Core Design, Floating Point IP Core design,AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) IP Core design, Cordic IP design,MIMO-OFDM Design,Design cores for Communication and DSP Algorithms, WLAN, WiMAX Physical layer development, OFDM physical layer transmitter and receiver chain, OFDMA transmitter chain, MIPS design, OFCDM implementation, LDACS transmitter, LDACS receiver, Fuzzy Based P.I.D controller using VHDL etc. We can also take up verilog/vhdl project as per the requirement.

Online Verilog Training Course

The online Verilog training course covers basic concepts of digital design, modeling concepts, modules and ports, gate level modeling, data flow modeling, behavioral modeling, tasks and functions, timing and delay concepts, synthesis fundamentals, verification techniques, behavioral,post map and post route timing flow concepts. Online Verilog training course includes UART and FIFO Implementation using Verilog.