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VLSI Course

Job Oriented VLSI course in VHDL, Verilog in Bangalore

This page provides list of wireless and embedded courses offered by Innowitech in Bangalore. Embedded courses include Microcontroller course,VHDL course,Verilog course. Training is provided using microcontroller and FPGA kits.

Innowitech is one of the top in Bangalore for providing quality training in embedded domain. Today Bangalore is home to most well recognized colleges, research institutes in INDIA. Numerous software technology companies, public sector undertakings, wireless, telecom, aerospace and defense organizations are located in the bangalore city. This job oriented VLSI course is useful to get job in VLSI domain.

Advanced FPGA Design course

  • Debugging using chip-scope
  • Architecture for Speed
  • Architecture for Area
  • Architecture for Power
  • Course includes real time project on DSP/Wireless domain

Basic VHDL course

  • FPGA basics
  • FPGA Architectures
  • Design with verilog
  • Advanced Synthesis concepts
  • Implementing on Spartan 3a kit
  • Course includes real time project on DSP/Wireless domain

Designing with Verilog course

  • Overview of Digital Design
  • Hierarchical Modeling concepts
  • Basic Concepts
  • Module and Ports
  • Gate level modeling
  • Data flow modeling
  • Behavioral Modeling
  • Tasks and Functions
  • Useful Modeling Techniques
  • Timing and Delays
  • Logic Synthesis
  • Verification techniques
  • Behavioral, Post Map, Post Route Timing flow
  • UART and FIFO Implementation using Verilog