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Clothing Pattern Recognition in MATLAB Project Demo

Project Demo Video

Description of MATLAB Project on Clothing Pattern Recognition

Project Overview:

  • We have developed a camera-based prototype system that recognizes clothing patterns in four categories (plaid, striped, patternless, and irregular) and identifies a few clothing colors.
  • The system integrates a camera, a microphone, a computer, and a pair of earphones for audio description of clothing patterns and colors to the blind.
  • The clothing patterns and colors are described to blind users verbally.
  • This system can be controlled by speech input through microphone.
To develop a device prototype that:
  • Recognizing the pattern of cloth as one of the four basic patterns (Pattern-less, Plaid, Striped or Irregular).
  • Detecting the most visible colors present in the cloth pattern.
  • Producing an audio output for the user.
  • Thus, making the life of visually-impaired people more independent and easy.


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